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The Morrowind Remake Is Still Happening, Still Looking Fantastic

Some wonderful people have, for a while now, been dragging The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind into the engine used by the series' fifth game, Skyrim. It's a long, tough job, but after loads of trailers and environmental fly-bys, we've got a good look today at some actual walkin' around.

Note that while the project looks fantastic, this video does not: it's capture off a Twitch stream, so the framerate is pretty gross. Still, you get the idea!


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I wish someone could explain the fascination people have w/ Morrowind. I'm not poo-pooing people, I just don't get it. I love the ES franchise but I found Morrowind incredibly dreary and boring. I remember the combat was lame and automated, and the main quest was so obtuse I didn't give two craps about it.