The Moment You Stopped Playing A Game Forever

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In my review of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, I had a lot of fun identifying the game's many Nope Moments—the times when a half-open door or a darkened hallway were almost too foreboding. But of course, lots of games have lots of different Nope Moments, and we don't always overcome them.

I thought I'd turn it over to you guys to see what your own most memorable gaming Nope Moments are. Given how successful the template for our Classic PC Games post was, it seemed like a good idea to follow similar guidelines here. So! Please stick to 'em. Also, you can find general tips for using and commenting on Kotaku here.



1. You can share any kind of Nope Moment. This doesn't have to just be scary games. If a game was just too difficult or too dumb; too annoying or massive; too loud, too bright, too European, whatever... they're all Nope Moments. Scary works too, though.

2. Please don't leave non-entry, direct comments on this post. They'll just get pushed down. Save your comments for others' submissions.

3. Follow this format for your entries, including bold text:

IMAGE OR VIDEO OF NOPE MOMENT (Or just a screenshot of the game.)


Spoilers: Please mention IN BOLD whether your Nope Moment is a significant spoiler.

The Moment: Describe the moment that made you stop.

My Reaction: How did you react the first time? Feel free to add images/gifs/etc here.

Why I haven't gone back: Explain why you haven't gone back to the game.

With those guidelines in mind, have at it: What are your most memorable video game Nope Moments?

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Game: Mass Effect 3

The "NOPE" Moment: "The Catalyst" scene.

My Reaction: After completing the game (I chose the "Synthesis" ending), I cursed bitterly (much to my shame, as I don't like doing that at all) in between saying the words "Five years, wasted," and "What the hell was that?" I threw my controller (whose impact on my hardwood floor messed up its left shoulder button) and went straight to bed in a state of confusion, disbelief, and depression. I didn't even bother to turn off my Xbox. I just wanted to get away from what I just saw and end my day.

Why I've Never Gone Back: I dealt with the rampant autodialogue, the loss of the snarky neutral dialogue choice, the overall dumbing-down of the gameplay and the narrative and complete destruction and disregard of the lore I had dedicated myself to learning and had grown to be so enamored with (this part bothered me more and more as I played through, however and attributed to my decision to never return). I even put up with that 30-minute horde mode final mission. However, The Catalyst's introduction was my final straw, and to me, I felt like I was effectively watching the death of my favorite game series happen before my very eyes. The more I listened to that little spectral brat tell me that nothing I had done over the past five years actually had an impact, the angrier and saddened I became. I don't want to relive that disappointment again. I gave my N7 Collector's edition to my brother-in-law and haven't looked back.

To those of you who enjoyed the ending, cool. Nothing against you people. I didn't enjoy it. That's my opinion.