The Modern War Gear Solid Saga Continues with the Introduction of... Cardboard Gear!?!

The ultimate paramilitary crossover continues in the fifth(!) chapter of Modern War Gear Solid, which has already merged the worlds of Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Halo into one ridiculously amusing soup.


In the latest (and final?) episode, things reach even more ludicrous heights as Ghost battles Kotickovitch, Snake evolves the cardboard box and the light sabers finally come out. Is this the end of the universe-bending parody series?!


If you missed the Modern War Gear Solid at any point, head over to Beatdown Boogie's YouTube page to catch up or just wait for the inevitable DVD.

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Saw it couple of days ago, and damn it's awesome. I totally love this "Saga"!