The Millionth Stardock Impulse User Wins A Gaming PC

Nearly a million users have signed up for Stardock's Impulse digital download program, and they're celebrating by giving out a $4,000 gaming PC to some fresh off the internet newcomer.

Stardock's Impulse is essentially their answer to Steam, featuring games from Atari, THQ, 2k, Capcom, Epic, and more, along with applications and utilities to help make your PC gaming experience run a bit smoother. Now in its 9th month of operation, Impulse is quickly approaching its one millionth user, expecting to be just behind Steam by the time the service reaches its first anniversary.

"By Impulse's first birthday, we expect Impulse to be the 2nd largest digital distributor of PC games and to have nearly all of the major PC game publishers on board," said (Stardock president and CEO Brad)Wardell.


To celebrate, Stardock is giving away a $4,000 gaming PC to the one millionth user, a reward process I never really understood. Sure, it helps drive new people to the service, but what of the nearly one million already signed up? What do they get? Gratitude is nice and all, but it doesn't run Crysis. I checked.

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