The Masked Red Bandit Reminds You: Only A Few Hours Left!

We are getting down to the wire. Contest entries close at midnight tonight, so if there are any stragglers, be sure to get your entry in. Just like Adam did.

"I'm all about the red, obsessed even," writes Adam. "My life revolves around the color red. I gave a speech in my college speech class on the color red. I've gone to class wearing this get-up. I used to hate cinnamon, but I ate big red gum anyway, and now I love the cinnamon flavor. I've opened packs of M&M's, and just eaten the red ones! It's my mantra, my philosophy. Red represents all that I am and all that I aspire to be!"


Check out the reflection in the mirror: Red camera.

Reader Ben sends along his entry below, writing, "It was supposed to be a red gentleman ninja making a phone call at Christmas... keywords; 'supposed to be'." Bravo, Ben, Bravo. Love the gentleman's pipe.

What's happening? We're giving away a copy of futuristic third-person-shooter Red Faction: Guerrilla, platform of your choice. Here's how you can win it:

Take a picture of red things - the more the better! Be sure to include a "Kotaku sign" in the picture. Send your entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom by MIDNIGHT.


Oh, and read our rules, because rules are rules.

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