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The 'Marvel Brothel' Sex RPG Makes A Pimp Out Of Prof. X

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Gross worlds collide when horny comic book fans get their hands on RPG Maker 2003. Not a dream! Not a hoax! Marvel Brothel is a fan-made role-playing game that turns Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters into a mutant whorehouse.

Yes, in Marvel Brothel, the leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier, decides that the best way to mutant-human harmony is to turn out Rogue, Jubilee and Storm to johns with fetishes that only superpowers can satisfy. Comics Alliance takes a look at the 16-bit style Marvel Comics themed RPG created in RPG Maker for the PC, finding it to be a bizarre, cameo-filled sex romp that's not that much fun to play.


It appears to have plenty of fan service, with appearances from Mojo (who installs cameras in the X-mansion to capture the naughtiness) and Forge (who uses his mutant powers of invention to build better sex toys) and Kingpin. The list of Marvel ladies willing to use their superpowers for sex in this thing goes beyond the confines of the X-teams, with The Wasp, Elektra, Songbird, She-Hulk, Black Widow and more also appearing.

Sadly or thankfully, Marvel Brothel appears to have been pulled from's database of downloadable creations. Marvel probably wasn't too happy with their superheroines being whored out. But Comics Alliance's rundown of the slimy events at Xavier's school for prostitutes is probably the best way to experience this thing anyway, so read on, true believer.


'Marvel Brothel' Is the Least Exciting (And Most Actionable) Sex-Based Adventure Game Starring the X-Men You'll See Today [Comics Alliance]