The Market Obviously Requires A SECOND Pokemon X-Ray Machine

In April, we showed you a mobile x-ray unit adorned with Pokemans, intended for Japanese hospitals. But would you believe it's not the only Pokemon-branded x-ray machine on the market?


No, there's another one. It's made by the same company - Shimadzu - and is the real deal, a "proper" x-ray unit, sacrificing mobility (and those badass Pokeball wheels) for a sturdy bench and even more cheery Pokemon livery.

X-ray nerds will be happy to know that this colourful unit is a variant of Shimadzu's renowned X'sy Pro units, and that Shimadzu are one of the world's leading manufacturers of measuring instruments, precision instruments and medical gear. Nintendo wouldn't put their beloved brand on just any piece of medical imaging equipment, you know.

ポケモンをデザインしたX線撮影システム『X'sy Pro』第2弾発売に [Inside Games]

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