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The Mario Scape Pepsi Built

Illustration for article titled The Mario Scape Pepsi Built

Witness the spectacular aftermath of a Coke versus Pepsi "display war" in a California grocery store.


Reader Chris writes that his sister snapped a photo of what she described as a huge 8-bit Mario display Pepsi built out of cases of their drinks at the Safeway in Rohnert Park, California.

Keep in mind this isn't something Nintendo paid for, it's just two bitter, talented soda employees vying for the hearts and throats of the thirsty public.


Coke, we're told, recently built an elaborate Olympics-themed display. I think Pepsi wins... this round.

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I had to drive through Rohnert Park every day to get to high school, and I have to say good riddance.

This sculpture is probably the most productive and creative thing to come out of the city of Rohnert Park. My friends and I deduced that "Rohnert" must mean "trailer" in Spanish.

It honestly is a shame to all of Sonoma County, with its horrific crime rates and poverty. The rest of the county stands up pretty nicely, though.

Having said that, this is awesome and took a lot of work. But for the love of god, ESCAPE. The few sentient beings that remain in Rohnert Park, ESCAPE FOR YOUR LIVES. And bring Pepsi Mario with you!