The Man Behind Some of the Best Cosplay Gear in the World

A badass Mass Effect rifle replica. Creepily realistic Skyrim bad guys. Armor and weapons from loads of beloved video games. Bill Doran's Punished Props studio makes all of those things. And, man, it doesn't sound relaxing at all.

Bill Doran is a guy that other cosplayers look up to, someone who manages to craft fictional weapons with remarkable ingenuity and skill. But even he had his doubts and concerns before jumping into replica-making full time. The latest episode of the Cosplay Boom documentary series profiles Doran, giving some insight into the personality of the man who obsesses over tiny little costume details. It might seem like making cool-looking costumes and winning prizes is a no-stress joyride but, as Doran says, fortunes could shift around him and people could decide they like another shop's stuff better. With the quality of his builds, that probably won't happen for a while.


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