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Namco's Pac-Man Ghost Zone never made it to retail, never saw the inside of the more than 100 million original PlayStations that Sony eventually sold over the console's lifespan. But it was playable, at least by a select group.


One part of that select group is the PlayStation Museum, which offers a fascinating little making of and post mortem on Pac-Man Ghost Zone, a fully 3D adventure starring the dot-hungry blob created by Toru Iwatani. It's a little rough around the edges in the early working version that PlayStation Museum played, closer to a Bubsy 3D than a Super Mario 64, as unkind as that sounds.

It's actually a sharp looking little game that Namco never got out the door, partly due to management level snafus, according to former Pac-Man Ghost Zone staffers.


Hit up PlayStation Museum for a look behind the scenes and video of a game you've likely never seen before.

Pac-Man Ghost Zone [PlayStation Museum]

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