It's the year of Luigi. What better way to celebrate than with an RPG adventure where you drop into Luigi's dreams? While that's a weirdly specific way to celebrate a character, it's exactly what you'll be doing in the upcoming Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. And when you're in Luigi's dreams, the Luigibilities are endless.

Take, for example, the "Luiginary" attack in the video above. You can roll a billion Luigis up, Katamari style, and attack your enemies with them. What in the world? Like I said, anything is possible in dream-land. You could also just attack normally, but what's the fun in that? We saw this attack in the trailer yesterday, but the trailer makes it look deceptively simple. It's actually kind of difficult to roll all the Luigi's up.

Luigi can also sort of possess things in dream-land. And if you mess with the real Luigi, dream Luigi can do special stuff too. Maybe that sounds confusing—take a look at how we use Luigi to navigate an area in the demo of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team by messing with the real Luigi. It's good use of his stache, I gotta say.

Finally, everyone LOVES Luigi when you hop into his dreams—they call him 'Dreamy Luigi.' I guess it's okay if Luigi is a big deal in his fantasies, no? They're his dreams, he can be as cool as he wants!