The Lovely, Colorful Platformer ScaryGirl Arrives on XBLA

ScaryGirl, a platformer based on Nathan Jurevicius's graphic novel, has been released on Xbox Live Arcade, with a PSN release scheduled for next week and a "coming soon" release date for PC.

As you can see in the trailer and screens above, it's looking mighty nice! I had been under the impression that this was an HD remake of the years-old (and fun) flash game, but it in fact is an entirely new game featuring the same color-drenched art-style and charm.


Players control the titular ScaryGirl, a freaky-yet-cute young girl who looks like a combination of a character from Tim Burton's Beetlejuice and a character from Neil Gaiman's Coraline. And if that combination doesn't have your interest piqued… maybe you haven't read/seen those two things?

I'm looking forward to playing this one. I've always wanted to see what ScaryGirl would look like in HD.

The game costs 1200 Microsoft points, or $15. The PlayStation 3 version will release next Tuesday, January 24th, and the PC release date is currently unannounced.


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