The Lovecraftian Crysis Game (Well, Mod)

Thanks to Adam over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun for pointing out The Worry of Newport, a Crysis mod that turns the tropical shooter into a slow, moody traipse through a drab seaside village.


Which looks cooler than it sounds.

Set in and around the town of Newport, it's all about exploration. And listening, as the game boasts a narrator to help give things a little context. And interactive flashbacks. And, sometimes—when things get a little scary—combat as well.


You can find download instructions at the link below.

The Worry of Newport [ModDB, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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I have yet to be truly impressed by one of the Lovecraft themed games with the exception of Eternal Darkness. I have a creepy interest in insanity and madness, and I really like games and books that center around the concept of insanity, or the transformation from seemingly normal person to madman.

I appreciated Amnesia, but I thought the insanity aspect of it felt kind of tacked on. Like it was just a device to make things harder to see with that annoying screen distortion. Which is cool, but its not game changing. Was a good game overall though.

Are there any other games I'm missing out on that I might like based around that theme?