The Lost Kotaku Podcast

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No, not that Lost. Just lost. As in technical problems. As in the Kotaku Talk Radio featuring me, Major Nelson and a Madden guy lost due to a a) magnetic anomaly b) plane crash or c) computer malfunction.


The bad news from our friends at CBS Radio is that this week's episode, which was recorded and streamed live today, has been eradicated by forces beyond our control and therefore will not be available for download. We're all very disappointed, as we strive to present you a fun and lively show each week.

That means that this week's show, featuring Xbox Live's Major Nelson and EA Sports' Madden senior product manager Anthony Stevenson, is lost to the winds and will remain only in the memories of those who listened to it live (and to those outside of the U.S. who have been blocked from listening to the livestream recently, rest assured we are exploring a solution).

So... from memory:

-Major Nelson said he loves being on Kotaku Talk Radio.
-He declined to spill any beans when a caller asked if Killer Instinct 3 would be coming.
-He said that today's shutdown of Xbox Live compatibility with original Xbox games will be followed with a "sunrise" of new things on the service, but didn't want to spill anything before E3.
-He said he and his team hadn't heard about Conan O'Brien being approached about doing a show on Xbox Live until he read about it on Twitter and couldn't confirm reports of it were real. When I asked if he'd give up his XBL show to get Conan on, he said he'd do so if he could be Conan's sidekick.
-He wouldn't say anything about any rumors of an Xbox 360 Slim other than to ask us how such a thing would work.
-He wouldn't spill on if/when the Xbox Live friends list 100-friends limit might be raised.
-He joked (JOKED) that Europe could deal with having naked Xbox Live avatars when I asked him why Avatars couldn't be naked.
-A caller who asked if Microsoft would be interested in having a service that allows Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers to play head to head online. The Major replied by saying Microsoft would be happy to license Xbox Live to Sony.

-Stevenson said that John Madden has been providing suggestions for the next Madden, and that the new game will surprise people with its innovations online and offline.
-He promised that at least the next Madden won't be another game set in New York.


-I sparred with a caller who wanted Major Nelson to say whether the Mass Effect series could stay off of PS3, because, as the caller put it, he's a "fanboy." The caller went on to say he was glad Final Fantasy XIII came to the 360 and would love for FFXIV to be a 360 exclusive because exclusives make a system worth owning.

We also all mocked each other a lot, but that's lost to the atmosphere.

Thank you to all who called in and who support Kotaku Talk Radio every week. We will make sure this problem does not happen again.


(And in case you were wondering about Lost, there was shaky acting in last night's episode but at least it looks like they've set their chess pieces up for future episodes to be as good as the one from last week.)



What shaky acting? It was top quality as usual in my opinion. Unless you think Hurley wasn't up to snuff, and I still disagree with that.