The Littlest Hellboy and Friends Join the Cast of Big Head Bash

Illustration for article titled The Littlest Hellboy and Friends Join the Cast of emBig Head Bash/em

Spicy Horse Games' (Alice: The Madness Returns) browser-based online shooter Big Head Bash is a game about toys shooting each other right in their over-sized heads. The competition heats up today, as Hellboy and four friends from Mike Mignola's supernatural comic series join the likes of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as collectible killers.

Combining the joy of collecting with the thrill of shooting other people is a brilliant idea, and knowing that, at any moment, Hellboy, Liz, Abe Sapien, Kraus or Roger the Homunculus could take to the field just makes Big Head Bash that much better. Look how cute they are. Don't you just want to squeeze them until they're goo in your freakishly strong hands?

You can play Big Head Bash for free here. The Hellboy figs are gonna cost you.

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