The Limited Edition Pokemon World Champs DSi

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The Pokemon World Championships held recently in San Diego were a source of laughter, yes, but for die-hard fans they'll also have been a source of envy if this Pokemon DSi is any indication.

Handed out in strictly limited quantities, it's probably as visually pleasing an offspring of Pokemon and San Diego as you're going to get. The wind-surfing Pikachu alone should set the bidding for one of these at $200.


Exklusiv bei der Pokémon-WM in San Diego: Nintendo DSi im Pokémon-Design [videogameszone, via Go Nintendo]

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You Are My Friend!

I remember when i used to look at my brother's Pichu Edtion Game Boy Color and get so jealous.

I look at this now and think... OMG DO WANTZ!!11

Just kidding, I actually do not wantz. It just looks off-putting. Not to mention ugly. O where hath my youth gone?