The Life Cycle of the Minecraft Gamer

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The different eras of Minecreaft range from the early period of "Discovery", when you are first feeling out and exploring the world, to the late "Age of Obsession", where you create huge, detailed projects for hours on end, according to the folks over at Adventures In Poor Taste.

They explain each stage that every player experiences succinctly, and anyone who has played the game should nod along knowingly. It could potentially help non-players understand what it's all about, too.

Click the link below to read the full article, and enjoy the eerie feeling of having your individual playing-experience summed up perfectly by a stranger.


The Ages of Minecraft [Adventures In Poor Taste]

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Most of these things don't ring true because they didn't exist when I started playing Minecraft. The "obsession age" came first because there was no survival mode.

And does nobody else hate when "comedy" writers throw in a "fuck" or a "shit" every other sentence because they think it makes what they say humorous. If you were actually funny, you wouldn't need to.