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The Lego Universe Is Overrun By Spinning Ninjas

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

NetDevil's toy-based massively-multiplayer LEGO Universe gets its largest dose of product placement-littered new content yet as the portal opens to Crux Prime, where players can learn the ancient art of Spinjitsu and, for the first time ever, form groups.

One would think that forming groups is one of the core mechanics a massively multiplayer online game would have in place from day one, but LEGO Universe is a strange animal. Groups have not been available since the game's launch last year, forcing players to form bonds of mutual appreciation without the added benefit of a team chat channel.

That all changes once players step foot on Crux Prime, where the battle for imagination is at its height. Players will be able to group up with three friends to take on the new area's more powerful villains, spinning their way to victory courtesy of a little product placement.


LEGO launched its ninja-themed Ninjago line earlier this year, consisting of new building sets and a collectible figure trading game with a nifty spinning mechanic. Now that powerful Spinjitsu can be learned by LEGO Universe players, but be warned: Playing the game could lead to massive purchases of LEGO kits.

They won't get me, however, as I've already purchased at least four of the new sets already. That's right, I'm such a sheep I buy product before it's pushed on me.


Crux Prime is live today. Go check it out.