The Legend of Zelda: The Wedding: The Video

Kotaku reader Kyle was nice enough to share the private, nerdier moments of his recent The Legend of Zelda themed nuptials with the rest of us, showing off the amazing Zelda cartridge cufflinks conceptualized by his bride. Now there's video.


The special "Kotaku Cut" of Kyle and Ashley's day at the altar gives a closer look at many of the Zelda-inspired aspects previously unpublished—including the Triforce-esque engagement ring, the invitations and the Link tunic color scheme chosen for the bridesmaids' dresses. Because I know that if there's one thing the Kotaku readership loves to chat about, it's bridal wear.

Things get a little awkward when Ganon shows up, drunk, but Kyle handles it with grace. Thanks again, Kyle!


Rachel Fogg

There are no words for the awesomeness of this wedding! May you and your bride have a happy union!!

Just you wait Kotaku...I'll have my MGS wedding...