The Legend of Zelda Nursery Welcomes a Brand New Hero

Cole Bradburn is expecting a son. And when his new, little hero arrives, he'll have a Legend of Zelda nursery waiting for him.


Make that, a hand-painted Zelda nursery. Bradburn and his friend Wes of Yoshi's Island nursery fame both spent over 150 hours (over the course of 3 months) to paint the nursery; Wes drew the art freehand from concepts Bradburn had.

"In truth, I wanted to grow up in this room," blogged Bradburn. "I will enjoy it as much as my son will, maybe even more. I can't wait to rock him to sleep, telling him stories of heroes and adventure while looking at these walls."

My Son's Zelda Nursery [Cole Bradburn]


Cheese Addict

I met a couple who did the same thing to their nursery, but with Future Boy Conan instead.