The Legend of...Old Honda Cars

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Before we posted too many pictures of cakes, we used to post too many pictures of stupid license plates. For one day only, I'm bringing that back, because, yeah. This is too good.


[via Super Punch 2]

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OK, not sure if people are just being sarcastic but...


Honda - Acura

Nissan - Infiniti

Toyota - Lexus

For whatever strange reason, some of the higher end luxury vehicles of these cars are marketed under different brand names here in the US. I imagine it's because Americans are so fixated image (not to say this doesn't exist in other parts of the world though)... If somebody asked what kind of car you drive and you say "A Toyota" you might be seen as driving a piece of crap. If you say you're driving a Lexus though, the first thing that comes to mind for these kinds of people is "Oh, those are nice!"