The LeftOvers is an quirky real-time strategy iOS game with an aesthetic that doesn't quite gel for me. It's sort of like competitive Plants Vs. Zombies, only without the draw of man-eating plants and cute, but deadly zombies.

In The LeftOvers, the world has suddenly been stripped of all adults and the children of the world are vying for control. The gameplay is fairly straight forward. You need to protect your monument from the other player. The playfield is broken down into five lanes, sort of like Plants Vs. Zombies. All of the lanes stretch between your monument and your opponents. Your goal is to stop your monument from three attacks while trying to destroy your opponents by landing three hits.


There are defensive traps to lay, walls you can drop and assault units that range from different sorts of children to tanks made of cardboard boxes. To build units you need to collect scrap. You can increase your scrap collection by assigning some of the assault children you create to worship your monument. You can have up to three of these boosters.

Once you get rolling the game sort of plays out like a match of Plants Vs. Zombies, only you need to send out your own attackers as well. It's a fun little game, though unlocking new units is a bit tedious and, sadly, at times tied to spending real cash.

The game initially feels slightly defensive, but as you unlock new units the ways you can attack and defend become more varied and so do the matches. The game also has two faction types, each with their own units. And there's a promise of new units and new factions down the line.

The biggest problem I have with the game is that it's essentially multiplayer only. The only way to play this game on your own is by practicing, and that gets old very quickly. The multiplayer would be fine, but there just aren't enough people playing the game to make finding a match at any given time a sure thing. I even had trouble matching up with my son when he was in the room with me.


The LeftOvers (coming soon to Android) is a neat idea that needs a bit more polish and variety to become something memorable.

The LeftOvers [iTunes]

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