The Latest Update For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare On Xbox One Is A Whopping 66GB

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Screenshot: Infinity Ward

A new update released for Modern Warfare last night that fixes some of the graphical issues players have been experiencing. On PS4 and PC, this new update is a little less than 2GB. However, on Xbox One the update weighs in at 66GB. Not 6.6GB. 66GB.


According to Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward, the reason the Xbox update is so large is because of an issue with the patch delivery system on that platform. Though the update is large, Infinity Ward clarified that the game’s total file size won’t be increasing by 66GB. Most of the update contains data and files players already had on their consoles. But due to the issues with the patch, they have to redownload a lot of those files.


After this update, the size of just Warzone on an Xbox One will be 99GB.

Infinity Ward says they are working with Microsoft to assure future updates are smaller. Considering how big this update is, it seems very hard to make future updates bigger. But who knows!

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