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No Man’s Sky has now been patched five times since its latest major update, Atlas Rises. Today’s patch 1.35 brings a lot of granular changes and bug fixes, especially to the user interface. Here are some of the notable changes from the patch.

  • Fixed an issue preventing players with very long play times being able to save

This issue has been plaguing the community for a while, and I’m glad to see it addressed so quickly. The ideal experience of No Man’s Sky is one where you play it for a long time so running into this bug really sucked.

  • Introduced ship handling variances between types/classes. Each individual ship now has procedural handling and speed characteristics, based on their type and class

Atlas Rises already made huge changes to ship handling and enemy AI, which has made aerial fights genuinely exciting. I’m really interested in seeing how procedurally generated ship stats makes that experience deeper. Time to farm enough resources to finally get a better ship!

  • The quick menu will now automatically close after selecting an option
  • Alien words which have been translated are now highlighted in interactions
  • It’s now possible to craft multiples of the same product at once
  • Improved user interface navigation using Q, E, W, S and A and D keys
  • Added ability for player to enable torch while in caves

It’s frustrating that these are things that are just now being added, but Hello Games keeps sneaking in small quality of life changes that overall make the game a better experience.

  • Fixed an issue where black dots would occasionally appear while looking into the sun

I suppose if there’s ever an eclipse in No Man’s Sky, you’re now free to look directly into it.

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