The Latest Game from Pokémon's Creators Isn't Pokémon

Game Freak, the folks behind Pocket Monsters, are working on a new download title for the 3DS. It's called Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight. It's a platforming game meets rhythm game.


HarmoKnight uses "attack" and "jump" to clear each stage. To take down enemies, it uses a timing mechanic that seems similar to what you'd see in a music game.

Each of the in-game worlds are based on music genres and shaped like instruments: So there's "Marching Hills", "Rock Range", "Calypso Beach". The platforming can get fast and furious—which should please both fans of platformers and those who like rhythm games. No word on a Western release yet, but cross your fingers!

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You know what would be sweet? Just a simple remake of Pokemon Red and Blue (again). Just remove that God-forsaken EV/IV system (there are more than enough Pokemon that each one can lean towards certain stats naturally). Also, if you don't want to give it totally new graphics, at the very least give it the appearance the game has on the Super Nintendo's "Game Boy-player", which gave it more color, and some sweet-looking borders on the side which would work well against the 3DS' "wide-screen".

If you wanted to really update it, though, add some fan-favorites from the later games, such as the various Eevee forms, and consider allowing us to visit another region from the later games (the region from Black/White wouldn't actually be a bad choice, though perhaps a bit tired since Black 2/White 2). I would probably avoid Johto, though, unless you had the space to also add yet another region, since the Johto-Kanto thing is maybe too familiar.

More than anything, let us customize our character (or also reset them to the default appearance of Ash or the girl-trainer), and give us something *new* to do. One idea I always liked was, after beating the Elite Four, being able to journey back to Pallet Town and start building your very own Gym. Give it LEGO-style building blocks/tiles, let players choose a "Theme" for the Gym's appearance, and all that good-stuff. Also, force players to play through the gym at least one time, and then be able to post it so that anyone to challenge your Gym.

Seriously, being able to "become your own Gym-leader" would just be such an amazing feeling, I think. And really, there's all sorts of possibilities for that type of idea. For one, being able to outfit your Gym-trainer with your own Pokemon from storage would give you added incentive to level up more than just a team of six, and would also give you something to do with your old favorites again. Maybe Nintendo/Game Freak could even do a thing and select the 10 Best Gyms every month and send those players some ultra-rare or special-version Pokemon.

Man, I would so totally buy that game...