The Latest 'Clues' We Might Get A Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Remake

We've gotten remakes for some of the older Pokemon games...but not for third gen, Ruby and Sapphire. It's not for a lack of passionate fans, though—so passionate in fact, they're willing to read into anything that might confirm a game they love is being made.

Cue Pokemon X & Y, which released last Saturday. Since then, there's been some talk that maybe, just maybe Game Freak will remake gen three. Mostly, it's because X and Y mention Hoenn, the setting for Ruby and Sapphire, a good number of times. The screenshot above, for example, is one that I took while playing. It's not the only mention of Hoenn. Over at Reddit, some are debating whether or not the following screenshots hint at a remake:


Wait, how does that tease a Hoenn remake? Well, "facility" could be a nod to the Battle Frontier in Ruby and Sapphire, a challenging area that players could access after beating the Elite Four in the single-player. Going off that, the idea is that this random NPC is telling the player that we'll finally get a remake of Ruby and some point.

Or, you know. He could just be a random NPC saying something completely innocuous. Then again, like I said, there were a weird number of mentions of the Hoenn region—but that also just could be confirmation bias; the result of always hearing chatter about Pokemon fans wanting a remake.

Here are a few of the other mentions of Hoenn, caught by the Twitter account Operation their handles suggest, they would really like a Hoenn remake to happen!


So, what do you think? Just random mentions of Hoenn? Do they suggest a remake as much as people say they do? Do you even want a remake?

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