The latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is launching on August 18 on PC. The standard edition, with 20 planes and 30 airports, will be part of Xbox Game Pass for PC. The $90 deluxe edition has 25 planes and 35 airports. The $120 premium deluxe edition has 30 planes and 40 airports. I have no planes or airports.

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André B.

I’m totally confused. It was reported a few months ago that this game would have something like 40000 airports or “every airport on Earth”. So why do we seemingly only get 20? For example, if I wanted to fly over South Africa (which has no airport according to the pre-order chart), do I need to spawn in Gibraltar and fly all the way down, or will the game randomly generate a runway for me in South Africa?

It says those airports included are the “hand-crafted ones” so there’s presumably more, but the messaging is bizarre.