To: Bashcraft From: Fahey Re: About To Watch No Country For Old Men... So long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye! Monday marks the return of everyone's favorite guy named Brian Crecente, Brian Crecente! You know, the guy with the hair and the goatee beard thing who really enjoys being in charge of everything we do on the website. Yes, soon he will be back in Colorado, and Kotaku will once again maintain it's balance of one Brian per side of the planet, just as we do one Michael per side of the country. We must balance the planet's feng shui. So this is to be my last Day Note for the month of October in the year 2008, and I have to make it a special one. *thinks really hard* Okay, I got nothing. Wait, I know! I'll mark this historic occasion by telling you... What you missed today: E For All Is No More? This Is How Game Misinformation Spreads The Final Nintendo Holiday Van Test: The Dog Classic Games Cupcake Tower With Companion Cube Centerpiece Grand Theft Auto IV Gets PS3 Trophies Monday Hellgate: London Slamming Shut On January 31st Dead Space Review: True Stories Of Space Horror