The Last Major PS3 Firmware Update This Year Is....

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PS3 firmware 3.0, apparently. That's what PlayStation Network operations director Eric Lempel said, and he should know. He is the PlayStation Network operations director.


"You know, I wouldn't say that or sure just yet because we are working on some things," Lempel told G4. "But this is a big and significant update, so you would be correct to assume that [it's the last major update for 2009]."

Don't surprised if there are smaller firmware updates, and heck, don't even be surprised if there's another big firmware update. Just don't be surprised. Be happy.


PS3 Firmware 3.0 Last Major 2009 Update, But More Tiny Updates Likely [G4 via VG247] [Pic]

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Since you have to download the ENTIRE THING it's safe to say that EVERY firmware update is "big", even if it's not "major". ;)