The Last Jedi's Director Made A Pokémon Go Trailer

Gif: Niantic

Pokémon Go has made over $3 billion since launching back in 2016, and that kind of money means you can just walk out and hire Star Wars director Rian Johnson to direct a 30-second commercial for your phone game.


Specifically it’s for Pokémon Go Fest 2020, and if you’re wondering whether this was a flex on the part of Niantic and Nintendo or a passion project for Johnson, the answer is: it’s kinda both, as Johnson is apparently a big fan, and has been playing the game while in lockdown.

Interestingly, he had to direct remotely, as he’s currently based in LA while the commercial itself was shot in New Zealand.

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Star Wars sucked, but Rian Johnson is still a good director. Looper still holds up. Disney is the one who should be blamed by not making sure the entire trilogy was written and hashed out before they started filming.