The Last Jedi, You Look Different

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A group of large adult babies wants to remake The Last Jedi, because waaaah waaaah. To help get their unofficial project started, maybe give them some ideas, artist Fernando Reza has made (and made fun of them with) this poster.


You can buy it here. It is perfection.

Illustration for article titled iThe Last Jedi/i, You Look Different

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs

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What I don’t get is the polarization on this movie. It was neither as great as all its defenders claim, nor as horrible as the neckbeards claim. It was pretty good in large chunks while it had some extremely questionable plot/writing decisions in other areas. Everything with Luke/Rey/Kylo worked, and almost everything else was varying degrees of “huh?”

For instance, who thought a “they’re very slowly getting away...” space chase was exciting? Why can’t the First Order just send a ship around to the other side of the chase and end it in minutes? How can you build any tension when the characters literally say “we have nineteen hours to get back!” The Canto Bight scene, while OK in a vacuum, was just bizarre being inserted in the middle of a “chase” scene, and then when they got back 19 hours later, it ended up not impacting the plot at all.

I also think the movie punted on its most interesting idea - that if Luke was going to forego a mentor role for Rey, she would take up with Kylo Ren. When he was like “join me,” I was like “DO IT, that would be so interesting!” But then she didn’t, because he’s the bad guy. Sigh.