To: Fahey, Leigh & Mike
From: Luke

So! Few months back, I had to go in this crazy "land ballot", where new blocks of land to build a house on (I'm jack of renting, you see) are dished out via lottery. I missed out. Today, another was held, and my number was drawn! So on Monday, I trudge into some government office, and have to part with a sum of money I'm not comfortable parting with. Then, I shake someone's hand, and become a member of the landed gentry. Kinda exciting, but then, kinda sad. It's an awfully grown-up thing to do.


Oh, and you missed all the fun of the MGS4 wrap party in Tokyo. Ash would have written this, but he was either out of net range on a train or blind maggot drunk. Or both. Apparently we're getting replica ducks, MGS4 energy drink tie-ins and an Altair cosplay cameo. I'll leave you to form your own conclusions over whether this is marketing savvy or just plain madness.

You missed a lot of things to do with Metal Gear Solid 4 while you slept:
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