The Kotaku Game Club Squares Off Over Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Right Here!

Illustration for article titled The emKotaku Game Club/em Squares Off Over emGears of War 3/em Multiplayer Right Here!

I hope you're ready, ladies and gents. It's Versus mode week here at the Kotaku Game Club. Today we'll be sharing our experiences playing the competitive multiplayer modes of Gears of War 3.


Everyone seemed to have a lot to say about the end of the story during last week's discussion; I hope you guys are just as revved up about the multiplayer, despite the lack of expanded fiction. There are six Versus modes to choose from. That's a lot of different types of play. I'm sure each of you has a favorite: Now's the time to tell us why.

Side note: In honor of last Thursday's Myrrah-centric discussion, I've been using the queen as my Locust skin all week.


Next week will be our final discussion of Gears of War 3. We'll be looking at the game's new and improved Horde Mode, along with the brand new Beast Mode. Also, make sure you bring a couple of ideas for what you'd like KGC to play next! We'll meeting on Kotaku next Thursday, October 13th, at 4pm Eastern.

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Mike Epstein

Though I wasn't especially impressed with the new weapons of Gears 3 during the campaign, while playing in versus I began to see just how much they change how we play Gears competitively. Specifically, the Sawed-Off Shotgun dramatically changes the pace and tactics of these modes. The ability to run up and instantly kill someone without having to rev up the Lancer makes ditching cover to take out your opponent up close a much more viable strategy. The Retro Lancer allows for a similar strategy but isn't as effective and, thus, hasn't been as universally adopted.

While I like that matches move faster on account of the fact that players are easier to kill, the Gears series, mechanically, has always been about cover-based shootouts. Does reducing our reliance on cover begin to unravel Gears identity?