The Kotaku Game Club is Debating Gears of War 3 Acts 1-2 Right Now

Illustration for article titled The emKotaku Game Club/em is Debating emGears of War 3/em Acts 1-2 Right Now

Welcome to the first meeting of the Kotaku Game Club: Gears of War 3 edition. Today we'll be discussing the the first two acts of the game's campaign.

For all you Game Club first-timers, this group convenes to analyze and discuss games as we play them. For all you Gears players who haven't played the campaign yet - there will definitely be spoilers below. Conversely, since we're only discussing Acts one and two today, please avoid talking about the rest of the game if you've gotten further into the game.


During the next meeting of the Kotaku Game Club we'll tackle the rest of the campaign. Make sure to come back to Kotaku next Thursday, September 29th, at 4pm Eastern.

You can contact Mike Epstein, the author of this post, at You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Stephen Totilo

I'm still only at that start of Act Two, but I like what I've played a lot. It is odd, though, to only have control of Marcus at the start or Cole later on. If other co-op players can control these other people, I'd like to as well. I'm sure other people would also like to play through just as Anya, no? Or as Dom?