​The Justice League Movie We All Knew Was Coming Is Now Confirmed

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Zach Snyder's going to try and make everybody forget that the Superfriends cartoon ever existed.


According to Variety, the man who directed Man of Steel will be helming Warner Bros. ' attempt to bring DC Comics' storied superhero team to the silver screen. SSnyder's already putting together Batman vs. Superman, the sequel to last year's reboot of a cinematic version of Kal-El. Ben Affleck will be putting on the Batsuit in that film and it will also feature Wonder Woman, who's being played by Fast & Furious actress Gal Gadot. And, as longtime fans know, once you get the DC Comics troika together, a more fleshed out team isn't far behind.

Casting reports of variable believability have tipped characters like Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Cyborg to be showing up in Batman vs. Superman, which has led many to think that the Bruce/Clark showdown would be the gateway to a Justice League movie. This strategy clearly apes what rival conglomerate Marvel has done in establishing its cinematic universe. Whether DC and Warner Bros' attempts will be successful remains to be seen and just increases the pressure on Batman vs. Superman. And if things don't work out, well, we'll always have the awesome animated incarnation of the Justice League. Update: More details about Warner Bros.' upcoming DC Comics-derived push is in this Wall Street Journal article.


Hmm, I think they're rushing into this. They're putting too many characters in one movie, the focus for the sequel should remain Batman vs Superman, or rather... Batman defeating Superman.

They need to establish it early that Batman, a mere human, is fitting to lead the JLA alongside demigods Superman and Wonder Woman. They need to show that he is a seasoned crime fighter who can stand toe to toe with superhuman beings, that he is smarter, more capable and always two-steps-ahead of his enemies and comrades. Non-fans need to understand why a mere human is more capable to lead than Green Lantern or The flash or Aquaman. And there's no better way to establish this than Batman defeating Superman.

Unlike Marvel who started with the gritty, realistic Iron Man and later struggled to fit in a frozen WW2 soldier, a Norse god and other more fantastical characters in their cinematic universe (Look at what they've done to the Mandarin!!), DC made the right choice starting with Superman. From the get go, DC established that this is a world where aliens exists, advanced technologies exists, they will have no problem bringing in their more fantastical characters. Amazonian princess? Inter galactic police with a cosmic ring? Half human-half Atlantean prince? The last Martian on the universe? Bring it on! I just hope they don't rush doing it, is all. I had hoped that they bring in one new character per sequel, but alas, Batman vs Superman already has its Wonder Woman and Cyborg. I just hope the focus remains with Batman.