The iPhone's Gamiest Game Is Getting A Little Brother

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Kairopark's Game Dev Story may be - pause for effect - the best game on the iPhone. So a sequel of sorts will have a lot of Game Dev Story addicts either pleased or terrified. Or maybe both!


While a true sequel to Game Dev Story - a cute title that puts you in control of a video game developer - is in the works, in the meantime the developers have quietly released a companion game in Japan called "Waiwai! The Game Dealer".


Rather than running a game developer, it has you running a game store. Maybe not as exciting, sure, but for those sick of real-world retailers, it's a good chance to see if you could do things better.

There's no word on a Western localisation of the game, but since Game Dev Story did so well, hopefully Waiwai! The Game Dealer won't be far behind.

[via Touch Arcade]

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Mamba the Madvillain

Mostly terrified. Game Dev Story is so very very addictive.