The iPad 2: Gizmodo's Complete Coverage

The iPad 2 is here. And yeah, it's pretty great. Despite the early looks, we're still finding surprises. Like? The screen is definitely better than the original iPad's. That's just the beginning.

Here's Gizmodo's ongoing iPad 2 coverage, from speedtests and graphics battles versus the original iPad to essential apps (and app deals), a possible answer to that most pressing of questions—white or black iPad?—and a quick buying guide.


Video: The iPad 2 like you haven't seen it yet

Which iPad 2 should you buy? Wi-Fi or 3G? 16GB or 64GB?

iPad 2 purchase FAQ

iPad 2: Black vs. white

The essential iPad apps

The best iPad app deals

Unlock the iPad's secret multitouch gestures


The iPad 2's guts exposed to the whole world


iPad 2 early reviews


The iPad 2 on paper

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