The iOS Revival of M.U.L.E. is Coming Along Nicely

Remember earlier this year when we told you the small indie team at Comma 8 Studios was bring a reskinned version of the classic turn-based strategy game M.U.L.E. to iOS this summer? This summer looks to be ending in November, and from what I'm seeing here it's worth the extra time.


Keep track of the game's progress at


This brings to mind a few things.

1. There had better still be a mountain Wumpus to catch.

2. Can I still have a collusion with another player when buying/selling resources?

3. Those goddamned Glac Elves better stay out of my storage shed. I will need all my food if I'm going to have enough time to buy up and let loose all the store's M.U.L.E.'s in order to drive up the price of Smithore.

Oh yeah. Good times.