The Pokémon hype train has officially left the station, and the passengers are definitely freaking out in excitement right now.

This morning, the first real Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay trailer hit the web. There was a lot of new information hiding in that footage, from the Hawaiian-inspired locale, to some of the broader customization options. But more importantly, the trailer showcased the new starters that will join us on our badge-collecting adventure. And judging by what people are saying online, the internet is in LOVE with Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.


Here are some of the best jokes, observations, and creations surrounding the new Pokémon Sun and Moon trailers.

First off, Kotaku commenters threw their hats into the ring:

Twitter had some hilarious things to say about the new starters:

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What impresses me the most about all of this, however, is the incredible speed at which Pokémon fans created fan art for the new starters. Seriously: the trailer had only been online for minutes before I saw someone sketch out the new monsters.


Hell, someone is already turning the starters into anime girls. The Pokémon fandom is ridiculous!

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Here are some more Pokémon-related artistic creations:

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Here’s what Reddit had to say about thew new Pokémon info:

<a href="…">Via this thread</a>
<a href="…">Via this thread</a>

YouTubers actually recorded themselves getting excited (sound warning!)

My favorite reaction out of all of these things are the people who noticed the female trainer’s weird-ass hat, though:

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Never change, internet. Never change.