Well, the Meowth is out of the bag now. Thanks to datamining of the recent Sun and Moon demo, we now know what a good portion of the Alolan Pokedex will look like, including many monsters which haven’t even been announced yet. (Spoilers ahead.)

You know what that means, right? Pokémon fans are inundating the internet with all sorts of takes, jokes, Photoshops, and fan art of the new monsters. Most reactions are specifically related to Alolan Persian and his round, Garfield-like face. It seems that a lot of people hate Alolan Persian, or are incredulous that Game Freak would ever design something like that.


Of course, Persian isn’t the only new creature that’s made the rounds thanks to the leaks. Before we get to the reactions, here’s a quick refresher on all the new ‘mon, courtesy of Reddit user _Porygon_Z:

And without further ado....

By: Siakaz
Via: Tekkie