Overwatch’s latest hero is Orisa, a bad ass robot tank. We’ve spent some time playing with her and like her a bunch. The Internet is also excited for this cute centaur-mom.

How’s the fanart you ask? Extremely on point.

Orisa is a robot created by Efi Oladele, an eleven year old inventor from Numbani. A lot of players were already really attached to Efi, and some see Orisa as her cool robot mom. Others see her as part of the omnic menace. Others still are just happy to have a new tank.

While Orisa’s design is pretty inhuman, a lot of fans do agree that she’s got an adorable face.

Over on YouTube, players can’t decide whether or not other people are mad that Orisa is yet another female hero, or whether or not the complaining is making them angry. So basically, everyone’s mad.

Orisa’s also already got her hand in a few good memes.

The question remain, however: Is there porn of Orisa? Yes. Of course there is.