Yesterday's Nintendo Direct about Smash Bros was full of news—and much of it was so exciting to fans, they couldn't help but get pumped about it all.

You might even say the Direct got the 'ol hype train going...

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Most of the reactions were about a few key things: Pokemon, Samus, new characters, and the new For Glory and For Fun modes.

Notably, people reacted rather strongly to the inclusion of Greninja—partially because it was so unexpected, and partially because people felt that Sakurai had trolled them.


I mean, look at the guy. He faked us out multiple times during the Direct!

The Greninja reveal itself could be considered to have been a troll, too. Most fans were expecting a Mewtwo reveal, and the footage revealing Greninja takes its sweet time making it seem like its Mewtwo, too. And judging from reaction videos, like this one by TailsChannel, people fell for it—hard.

Most of the reaction to Greninja is kind of funny, though.



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Greninja even started trending, along with other subjects like Rob Ford and Kim Kardashian.


Which makes sense, because like I said, people were pretty excited. They even drew

entire comics about Greninja's inclusion.

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Granted, people cared about other things, too.



Folks also couldn't help but make fun of the new 'For Glory' mode, which is meant for more serious play.

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And despite all the reveals, people were still left asking where the most important characters were:


Some folks, like mistasnowman, still have hope, though. Here's a ridiculous theory about how the weirdly placed trophy reveals are actually hinting at something more:

What about you, how did you react to yesterday's reveals?

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