After seven years of development, Titan—Blizzard's not-so-secret MMO—was cancelled. Though the game was never officially announced, and though we never got to actually see the game in action, the internet does have a lot of feelings about Titan.

It makes sense. The cancellation is a huge deal, especially when Titan was considered Blizzard's next big thing after the behemoth that is World of Warcraft. Nevermind the amount of money and time sunk into the game; of course people are reacting to the news. Blizzard fans can't help but wonder what Blizzard's future holds—and more broadly, what this this means for MMOs and even massive triple-A games in general.


It helps that Titan sounded genuinely fascinating. Lots of comparisons to Team Fortress, Destiny and The Sims abound. Naturally, many folks wish they could have played Titan—a few folks wanted the game so much, they seem livid that Titan was canceled. And some folks responded to the news with a virtual shrug.

Here's how the internet reacted to Titan being canceled:

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What about you, how did you react to the news that Blizzard has cancelled Titan? Let us know in the comments.