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The Insides Of Video Game Hardware Make For Pretty Good Artwork

Consumer tech products are often imbued with a pristine, ornamental quality in our current design-crazed age. In spite of that, most gadgets aren't exactly things that you could imagine hanging up on your wall to impress new guests.

BRS Innovations, a small startup from Ottawa, Canada, wants to change that. It recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a project called "X-Ray Artwork" that proposes to turn X-Ray images of various gadgets and other household objects into fine art prints.

People have used X-Ray machines to turn video game consoles and their assorted peripherals into artwork before. But this looks like one of the first projects that's trying to take this sort of work off the internet and into meatspace.


Also, I love the way that these images capture some of the frenetic quality of gameplay itself—something I haven't seen before. The power cord that extends out from something like the NES Light Gun or GameCube controller (below) feel like forensic evidence documenting the history of how these pieces of metal and plastic have been pushed and prodded by their players.

They're static objects, sure. But they take on a life of their own when put into the right hands.


Check out the Kickstarter here.


via Eurogamer

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