The Inside Story Of The Death Of Midway Newcastle

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Following the sale of most of Midway to new owner Warner Bros., Midway Newcastle was shuttered, its staff given their walking papers. The Wheelman developer never found a buyer for the now defunct studio, nor its original IP, Necessary Force.

Steven Pick, senior GUI artist for Midway Newcastle's Wheelman, gives a painful blow-by-blow of the studio's final days. From the start up on cop drama Necessary Force to its multiple, failed pitches to numerous studios to the final visit Midway CEO Matt Booty, himself axed not long after giving last rites to Midway Newcastle.


Pick doesn't offer a great deal of hope for Necessary Force to ultimately see release, but does touch on the positive impact the in-development open world game had on Midway Newcastle, even if it didn't save the developer. At this point, only UK outlet Edge has seen Necessary Force in action, outside of the development team and a few unnamed publishers.

Hopefully we haven't seen the last of it. It looked interesting—small things, like Necessary Force's moral choices affecting the weather and time of day, for example—if a bit familiar.

I'd highly recommend reading Pick's account of the last days of Midway Newcastle. He paints a sobering picture of the developer's demise, one very humanizing and informative.


Midway Newcastle R.I.P. [Embittered Mutterings]

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There was no game in that Box. It was worse then the races in GTAIV. The handling felt like out of some bad racing game out of the 80's. Clumsy, unresponsive, weird. Just thinking about that slamming into other cars with an extra button, makes me die a little inside.

Hitting a button so that your car shimmies a little to the left or right?!?

In a game, that wants to be a little like "The Transporter"?

As cool, as Vin Diesels voice sounds... The Character Design in this game just doesn't exist. They move weird and are generally just not good. Uncanny Valley? Much. Sub-par animations feeling like 90's Videogames? Much...

Nothing even barely resembles a good game.

The Idea, to make a more Action Movie like experience out of it was there. But they just couldn't deliver it.

Not in the slightest.

I'm always very sorry, and it's sad, when people loose their jobs and have to fight for new ones.

But as a Gamer, I'm glad, that studio gets shut down.