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The inFamous 2 Karma System Dramatically Changes The Way You Play

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Karma system in the original inFamous gave players a choice between being bad or being good, but for the most part the game didn't change much depending on the path you took. inFamous 2 addresses that issue explosively.

Rather than simply having Karma effect how you make certain choices in the game, in inFamous 2 Karma is tied to the non-player characters you accept your missions from. For example, in the video above Cole has taken his buddy Zeke's advice on how to free an ally from an enemy compound, freeing police and leading them on an all-out assault.

That's one way the scenario could play out.

In the video below, Cole's new ally Nix has a drastically different idea - fill a streetcar with explosives and ram the compound in which their ally is being held.

Both methods get the job done, but in the end the collateral damage done by following Nix's plan equals bad Karma points well earned.


Sucker Punch Productions' Brian Fleming explains the way the Karma system has been changed for the upcoming sequel to the hit PlayStation 3 game in a post on the PlayStation blog today. Hit up the link below to learn more about being good and bad in inFamous 2.

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