The Incredible Hulk And Stan Lee's Rage

Why do I continue to post these behind-the-scenes vignettes for Sega's new Incredible Hulk video game, despite the fact that they hardly every offer any real new insight into what goes into creating a game of this magnitude? It's all about Stan Lee, really. The man fascinates me, and the Hulk is a big part of why. The man is always cheerful, always courteous, always polite and just know that somewhere inside him there's a Hulk waiting to come out. I won't rest until I've got a video of Stan Lee screaming "F**K" and punching something. This is my quest. It'll probably never happen, but it's good to have a dream.


Well, even though I grew up around the Marvel superheroes written by Stan, one thing that has always annoyed me is how he will often take credit for creations he, at best, had co-created. Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko had huge grievances with him over that issue (in fact, in Ditko's newest book, The Avenging Mind, he points out that the first Dr. Strange story ((a five-pager in Strange Tales #110)) was drawn up by him before Stan ((who claims to have created it)) even saw it).

While I used to take many of the claims with a grain of salt, the evidence seems to have piled up over the years. That's not to say that Stan Lee hasn't created anything (something that Kirby maintained in the mid 80s in an interview in Comics Journal), but I think that all the public adulation has gone to his head.