Yesterday, Fallout 4 game director Todd Howard teased everyone watching this year’s DICE summit.

During an interview with comedian Pete Holmes, Howard was asked if there was anything hiding in Fallout 4 that people hadn’t found yet.


“There’s a couple of things, but I don’t want to say em,” Howard replied. “[Players] eventually will find them. There’s one really good one that no one’s really talked’s in a terminal somewhere.”

So, what could it be? Players over on Reddit and comment sections around the web are speculating, trying to come up with potential things that might have been overlooked online, especially when it comes to the non-terminal related secret. Howard did mention a “couple” of things, after all.

We know, or rather assume, that there’s not much hiding underwater—someone has already tried exploring all of it. That said, one of the weird things that came up during that investigation was the existence of interactive buoy bells. Some, as Lavonicus discovered, were even marked by fish. This led to speculation that maybe, just maybe, Fallout 4 had a “ghoul whale” somewhere, which players could uncover if they just rang the bells in a certain order:

Personally, I don’t find this theory very convincing—surely someone would have found something this big hiding in the code by now—but, I find this worth noting because it’s the sort of outlandish speculation brought up while discussing the potential secret Howard mentioned. It’s on the level of GTA V’s jetpack hunt, where players try to find clues in the most unlikely places. Out of all the “last secret” theories floating around online, the buoy one is the thing I’ve seen repeated the most.


Other players think the secret might be somewhere in the Glowing Sea, or joke that perhaps nobody has found it because it requires doing a ton of Preston settlement quests. Some believe it is impossible that absolutely nobody has found whatever Howard is talking about—that, perhaps, the secret just hasn’t been uploaded online. Or, it hasn’t caught mainstream attention. Then again, there are a whole lotta terminals lying around in Fallout 4. It doesn’t seem that outlandish to think there’s a terminal out in the Commonwealth that absolutely nobody has loaded up, does it?

And some believe that Howard is straight-up lying in an attempt to troll Fallout 4 fans, or perhaps just to get more people playing the game again. After all, players seem to have already looked in every Fallout 4 nook and cranny. What else could there be? I’m not sure which of these theories is the most likely one, but I am finding the hunt to find the secret (or prove Howard wrong) fascinating to watch.

Here’s a taste of what people are saying online regarding Fallout 4's alleged last secret:

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