The House Of The Dead Overkill Gets A Hand Cannon

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When the Wii Zapper simply isn't hand cannon enough, turn to Sega's semi-official Wii... Hand Cannon. Released in conjunction with The House of the Dead Overkill, it turns Wii Remotes into something far manlier.

The Hand Cannon attachment, from peripheral maker Venom, is available for pre-order for UK customers via retailer Amazon. It looks like our friends Down Under will get dual-wielding Overkill options courtesy of the "Bang Bang Box" bundle, which comes with two Wii Remote shells and the limited edition version of the game. Consider me jealous of Australian game releases for once!

No word yet on this coming stateside, but given the more realistic nature of these bright white plastic toys and their influence on our impressionable youth, we shan't hold our breath.


Official House of the Dead Overkill Hand Cannon (Wii) [Amazon via Wii Fanboy]

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Looks awesome - finally a Wii shell that actually looks good!