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The Hottest New Star Wars Game Is A Dull Diablo Clone

Star Wars Uprising, the new Diablo clone sitting atop the iTunes charts, could more appropriately be titled Star Wars: Uninspiring. The game is competent. That’s about it.


Check out the video to see it in action.

As with many so-called free mobile games, you get what you pay for. In this case, you get a decent-looking but bland riff on Diablo, a loot-collecting, equipment-upgrading brawler with Star Wars blaster sounds, hyperdrive star streaks and occasional references to Hutts. And as with many so-called free mobile games, you can play it slowly or pay to get better loot and proceed more quickly. It’s... not great.



Star Wars + Diablo could be good, and even a bland version of it could be for you. Take a look and decide for yourself. Or try it out via the iTunes store or Google Play.

One thing you won’t see in the video that you should know: it does support real-time co-op.

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I installed this despite my usual aversion to FTP, but I uninstalled it the next day. It just seems...mediocre. It technically has Star Wars stuff in the same way that the Dungeons and Dragons Saturday morning cartoon technically had Dungeons and Dragons in it. The gameplay is similarly uninspired, using a format that while competent doesn’t have any interesting elements other than it’s a Diablo-clone.

So we’re starting with a neutered Diablo wearing a Star Wars skin, and then they add the usual microtransaction, gaudy, muddled UI, too many different types of currency, nagging notification freemium mess I’ve come to expect with free games on the app store.

If you want to play a good game on iOS/Android, there are plenty to choose from. Wayward Souls, Mage Gauntlet, Device 6, Battleheart Legacy, Chaos Rings, so many good games and yet the only thing people seem think of when mobile gaming is brought-up are these microtransaction cash-grabs. It’s a damn shame.